Hi, I’m Ken. Let’s face it…Money is Involved in our daily life.

I was born to parents who didn’t have much money. We always had to be careful with every penny we earned.

This instilled in me a deep understanding and respect for the usefulness of money. Money allows us to trade goods and services without having to find someone who wants what we have and also has something that we want.

I don’t care about money. Ok, that’s not entirely true!

I do care about money, but only in the sense that it can help me do more good in the world.

And if you’re reading this, then you probably share my belief that money isn’t everything but you do like to enjoy it!

Researchers say the correlation between income and happiness is only modest, so there are clearly other factors at play.

However, there is a relationship between how you spend money and happiness.

If you know how to put your dollars to good use, you can boost your mood — regardless of how much money you’re making.

You might be wondering what I do for a living. I spend my time helping people find more sustained happiness in their finances.

It turns out that if you want to be happier, it’s better to spend your money on an experience, such as a bucket-list safari vacation (once it’s safe again), rather than a thing, such as new hardwood floors for your condo.

That’s why I love working in the Financial industry…because Money is Involved! Always, no matter what you do!

I created Money is Involved as a way to help people understand money and what makes finances accessible, enjoyable, and simple to understand, no matter if you’re looking to:

  • Budget
  • Save Money
  • Borrow Money
  • You Want to Spend Money
  • Invest Money
  • Understand Credit
  • Get Out of Debt
  • Government Assistance Programs, etc.

Whether you want to people make money, spend money, save money, and borrow money and pay off which can help you achieve financial independence whether it be for yourself or someone else in your family!

This blog is full of honest, actionable advice for people just like you who want to take control over their money and live the life they love.

You will find helpful, financial articles without sacrificing fun or living debt-free (even if it means cutting back), investing wisely so that your investments grow faster while designed with beginners in mind – plus other invaluable insights into how finance works!

If you want to learn more about how your money works, what the best ways are for saving it, and investing in order to make more of yourself or create a life that will free oneself from financial dependence then  Moneyisinvolved.com should be right up your alley.

A finance site with simple yet invaluable content awaits- take advantage today before someone else does first because these tips can help improve an individual’s economic standing instantly without too much difficulty whatsoever!

“MoneyIsInvolved brings clarity.” This couldn’t be any clearer — we’re all about making finances accessible/enjoyable AND simple!

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