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Arctic Cat: Purchasing Information and More

Arctic Cat is a cat that lives in the Arctic

Arctic Cat Prowler Pro

The Arctic Cat Prowler Pro series for 2022 receives a slew of mid-model updates. The Prowler Pro series is designed to handle a wide range of activities, from its quiet 50 hp three-cylinder engine to improved suspension components.

Updates for the year 2022

By 2022, the Prowler Pro model will undergo a mid-model update. The modifications include:

  • A new performance-tuned CVTech gearbox.
  • All-new enhanced suspension components.
  • Greater ground clearance.
  • New exterior colors.
  • Revised front bumper.
  • Modern seven-spoke black 14-inch wheels.

Pricing and Choosing Which One to Purchase

MSRP: $14,199 for the 2022 Arctic Cat Prowler Pro EPS
MSRP: $16,049 for the Arctic Cat Prowler Pro XT in 2022.
Arctic Cat Prowler Pro LTD MSRP: $16,599 2022 Arctic Cat Prowler Pro LTD MSRP: $16,599

Prowler Pro EPS

If price is your primary concern, go for the Prowler Pro EPS, which lacks features like a color-matched ROPS cage, winch, and canopy.

The improved CVTech gearbox, redesigned suspension components, and 50 horsepower three-cylinder engine are all included.

If money isn’t an issue, go for the LTD model, which comes with larger-diameter tires, completely painted roll bars, a 4,500-pound Warn winch, LED lighting accents, and overhead storage beneath the standard roof.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance of the Powertrain

The Prowler Pro is powered by a three-cylinder liquid-cooled 812cc engine that produces 50 horsepower and 48 pound-feet of torque. A multimode transfer case allows the driver to switch between 2WD and 4WD, with a locking rear differential as an option.

CVTech Trailbloc transmission

The new CVTech Trailbloc transmission features a more consistent tension belt system to increase transmission feel and longevity.

Improved engine and gearbox cooling systems, as well as somewhat stronger axle half shafts, help to increase vehicle durability.


All 2022 Prowler Pro models come with upgraded suspension components as standard. Recalibrated shocks for greater ride comfort and performance, high-clearance control arms for higher ground clearance, and adjusted geometry for improved trail handling are among the enhancements.

On the XT and LTD trim levels, the independent suspension controls 10 inches of front movement and 9.5 inches of rear travel, resulting in 13 inches of ground clearance.

For the 2022 model year, the brakes remain unaltered. Dual-piston front calipers and single-piston rear calipers are standard on four-wheel disc brakes. There is no parking brake on this vehicle.

Ergonomics: Convenience and Comfort

The standard three-person bench seat in the 2022 Prowler Pro allows for easy access and egress. Engineers at Arctic Cat say they minimized vehicle noise to achieve exceptional levels of in-cab tranquility.

The exhaust tone is maintained low for working among animals or exploring trails without disturbing the locals.

Arctic Cat is concerned about storage and functionality. There’s plenty of room for extra goods in the cab, thanks to various storage containers buried in the dash and beneath the bench seat. You also keep the enormous lifting utility bed to help you get things done around the farm.


The vehicle’s gross weight, including passengers, is assessed at 1,500 pounds. The payload capacity of the rear utility bed is 1,000 pounds.

With the frame-mounted 2-inch hitch receiver, the towing capability is rated at 2,000 pounds.


For the driver, a multifunction digital gauge summarizes machine data. LED lighting accents are added to the XT and LTD versions for a more sophisticated external look.

The XT and LTD trim packages come with a Warn 4,500-pound front-mounted winch, but other Prowler models include key-controlled electronic starting.

Upgrades A smooth three-cylinder engine mated to an upgraded CVTech transmission for reliable power delivery, upgraded suspension for a better ride and increased ground clearance, refreshed colors and wheel options for 2022, as well as a well-organized factory components catalog for customizing your machine to your specific needs.


Arctic Cat has been offering the same model for years, with no meaningful platform improvements, no hard-parts-enclosed cabin alternatives, no HVAC options, and an agricultural interior lacking refinement and technological options.


The 2022 Prowler Pro is a significant mid-model update for this vehicle. You’re getting a more current car with the improved gearbox and suspension. Regardless, Arctic Cat is working hard to maintain its Prowler portfolio competitive in a crowded market.

UTV Arctic Cat Purchaser’s Guide

Although Arctic Cat is well-known in the snowmobile industry, the company has only been in the side-by-side business since 2005.

The Minnesota-based corporation has a brief but fascinating history that dates back to 1960 when Edgar Hetteen left Polaris to create his own company.

It has had its ups and downs, but it has remained a well-respected alternative to some more prominent manufacturers.

The purchase of Arctic Cat by Textron in 2017 caused considerable confusion when the firm changed its name to Textron Off Road and began phasing out the Arctic Cat brand.

With the release of the 2020 off-road vehicles, featuring a complete portfolio of UTVs, the Arctic Cat moniker is officially back.

This is a significant brand for Textron. The expectation is that the ATV and UTV selection will be upgraded and extended to better compete in a crowded market.

Arctic Cat’s 2020 portfolio features some fantastic machines that will appeal to a wide range of clients. Any prospective purchasers should have a look at the UTV selection.

Continue reading for a complete buyer’s guide to Arctic Cat’s UTV portfolio for 2020.

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Arctic Cat, welcome back!

After a brief stint with the Textron moniker, it’s fantastic to see the Arctic Cat name back on their UTVs. Arctic Cat has produced some excellent machines that are often neglected.

Although Can-Am and Polaris make more of an impact with their flashier UTVs, Arctic Cat delivers excellent vehicles at a lower price. While the range is currently limited, it’s clear that the Arctic Cat brand is receiving increased attention.

There’s a significant probability Arctic Cat may extend its product line and release several new models. Although the UTV industry is becoming increasingly congested, there is a need for these vehicles. If you’re one of the many individuals in the market for a new UTV, Arctic Cat provides several terrific options.