Bradford County Assistance Office

Bradford County

This local County Assistance office may apply for SNAP food stamps, child care assistance, health coverage assistance, LIHEAP, school lunch assistance, and other services. COMPASS is an online application website that allows Pennsylvania residents to apply for various health and human assistance programs.


In Pennsylvania, the following persons are eligible to qualify for SNAP:

  • The head of the household
  • The spouse of the head of household
  • Any other responsible household member
  • A designated authorized representative
  • Who can be a friend
  • Relative
  • Neighbour

Anyone the applicant trusts to go grocery shopping and use their SNAP benefits. SNAP funds are deposited in an electronic account accessible to the beneficiary.

This is known as Electronic Benefits Transfer or EBT. In Pennsylvania, the debit card is known as the best access card. Withdrawals are permitted for food purchases at grocery shops and supermarkets using this card.

The EBT ACCESS card is used in the same way that credit cards are used in these establishments to deduct purchases from the SNAP account electronically.

Services Provided

Bradford County Human Services:

Oversees and coordinates service delivery for Bradford and Sullivan County citizens.
Manages the Human Services Developmental Fund as well as the Homeless Assistance Program.

Bradford County Commissioners’ Program

Is tasked with fostering and developing a variety of services within the two-county service region so that no one needs to leave the area to acquire the services they require.

Is in charge of child protection services, family preservation, and promoting continual contact with betrayed experts.

The Human Program Agency was founded by the Bradford County Commissioners better to serve people via enhanced service coordination and delivery.

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Bradford County Assistance Office PA


Bradford County Assistance Office is a TANF office in Towanda, Pennsylvania. On this page, they give the TANF phone number, office hours, and address for this Towanda welfare office.

If you want to apply for TANF assistance in Pennsylvania, you should call this TANF office to find out what you need to supply to get the application process started.

When you speak with the Bradford County Assistance Office personnel, make sure you confirm what information you need to provide with your TANF application. Ensure you include all of the necessary papers; otherwise, the review process may be delayed.

In most circumstances, an interview will be necessary so that they can check your details, such as your income, household status, residency, assets, and resthairces, among other things.

If you cannot apply in person or attend the interview in person, they may be willing to enable you to mail or fax your TANF application and conduct an interview over the phone.

Applying for Pennsylvania TANF

You must get an application form and submit it to the PA welfare office. TNF can be applied online in several states. Contact this location to learn more about your choices.

They may also offer an online pre-screening tool to determine the Pennsylvania TANF program eligibility.

However, the only definite method to determine if you qualify for TANF is to apply. More information on using in this state may be found on the how to apply for PA TANF funds website.

You may learn not just how much financial aid you are eligible for but also about any TANF job requirements and the time limit (how long you can receive benefits). It should also provide a link to download a copy of the application so that you may apply.

Apply to Bradford County Assistance Office

To apply for benefits, please visit this office during the hours listed.

Eligibility For SNAP

To be eligible for SNAP and receive benefits, your family must satisfy specific standards. If your state agency finds that you are qualified for SNAP assistance, you will begin receiving benefits when you file your application.

What Happens After You Apply

In most circumstances, the application is processed within 30 days. However, you must undergo an eligibility interview and produce proof (verification) of the information you gave within 30 days.

The interview is usually conducted over the phone or in person. If you are deemed qualified, you will begin receiving benefits when you submit your application.

How Long Can I Receive SNAP For?

If you are deemed qualified, you will be sent a notification stating how long you will be eligible for SNAP benefits; this is known as your certification period.

Before your certification term expires, you will get another letter informing you that you must recertify to continue receiving benefits. Your local SNAP office will provide you with instructions on how to recertify.

SNAP Work Requirements

To be eligible for SNAP, people must complete specific job criteria.

These work responsibilities include:

  • Registering for work;
  • Not voluntarily quitting a job or reducing hair;
  • Taking a job if offered; and
  • I am participating in employment and training programs if allocated by the state.

Furthermore, to receive SNAP benefits for more than three months in 36 months, non-disabled people without dependents must work or engage in a job program for at least 20 hairs per thayek. Department of Human Services closes.

In compliance with Gov. Tom Wolf’s mitigation recommendations for COVID-19, the Department of Human Services (DHS) has closed all county support offices (CAOs) statewide to the public.

In-person transactions will resume no later than April 1. Pennsylvanians are encouraged to apply for benefits or submit documentation using DHS’s online applications and resthairces.

“Public assistance programs may be crucial during a public health crisis, and their resources are still available to ensure that eligible Pennsylvanians are connected to the services they need,” DHS Secretary Teresa Miller said.

“As Pennsylvania tries to prevent COVID-19 from spreading throughout the state, customers should use online tools like COMPASS and the compass PA mobile app.”

While the CAOs are closed to the public, Pennsylvanians in all counties will continue to receive eligibility determinations, application processing, and benefit issuance.

Pennsylvanians can also use the compass PA smartphone app to conduct semi-annual renewals and monitor their benefit status. Clients who wish to submit paper documentation can send it to their local CAO or leave it in a secure dropbox if one is available.