Need Help From Catholic Charities Decatur IL

Catholic Charities Decatur IL is a great organization that has helped countless people in need. I would never hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking out after their communities with love, compassion & care!

Catholic charities

The Catholic Charities Food Pantry has been in operation since 1983 and provides exigency food backing to people in need.



Individuals can admit food backing formerly a month or if a disaster has passed. Individuals and families realize various fresh, frozen, journal, and non-perishable particulars in quantities intended to last 2 to 3 days.

Food and financial donations are reluctantly accepted. Please communicate with the food closet for further information.

Since the 1950s, Catholic Charities has operated a resale store. A large selection of new and gently used wares is available for trade to the general public at low nominal prices.

Clothing is also handed free of charge to individuals and families who are financially insecure and present a referral/ testimonial for backing.

What They Do

Catholic Charities, serving their community since 1944, is a not-for-profit, certified, and national social service accredited agency. The charge of furnishing help and stopgap to individualities, couples, and families in need comes guests, workers, Advisory Board Members, and levies of all faiths.

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois, is to help people in need.

The agency they’ve programs offered free of charge or at affordable rates.

These Programs Include Reflections on Bus, Strong for Life, Faith in Action, a Food Closet, a Matter of Balance, and a Resale Store Supported by Levy Backing.

Other established programs are Professional Comforting Results, Student Assistance Counseling, Eldercare Options, Elderly Guardianship, MedAssist, and Legal Services, centered on family law.

Catholic Charities Legal Services

Through the CCLS program, their program director matches a customer’s legal case with an area counsel who has agreed to represent them.

Catholic Charities believes that anyhow of a person’s capability to pay, every human being has the right to competent legal representation and justice under the law.

As a community-grounded, quality legal services program, CCLS strives to restore the quality of the mortal person with just and competent legal representation inspired by the loving heart of Christ.

Extremity Backing

When individuals are in extremity and can not find their way, they give introductory musts and help them find the path to tone- adequacy. They work with families to help collude out results to their problems to recapture their quality.

They give guidance, case operation, referral, and advocacy. They also may provide food, apparel, and ménage validations, rent and mileage backing, or unique food baskets and gifts during the vacation seasons.

People in extremity need someone who cares, and that’s why they’re then. This program generates no customer freights for support, so donations are always demanded.

Eldercare Options


Eldercare Options is a program that assesses, counsels, and determines the need for custodianship for impaired senior grown-ups who are no longer suitable to make sound judgments independently.

When someone can no longer manage their particular affairs, finances, or health care, their staff will coordinate with croakers and attorneys, secure a relevant decision-maker, and swear in there as to the need for a guardian.

They also offer essential services to custodianship, similar as Potheyr of Attorneys and referrals to other agencies, and information and education about custodianship to families.

Elderly Guardianship


Elderly Guardianship provides applicable decision- timber and advocacy for old grown-ups who warrant the capability to make proper judgments concerning their health; they’ll- being and safety after being named through their order, Guardian of Person.

Staff visits guests regularly and becomes their surrogate decision-maker, and surrogate family members as a family are generally not available or applicable to serve as guardians.

Their caring staff makes opinions with the customer on similar issues such as casing, medical procedures, specifics, and quality of life. The team is on call 24 their a day and plans for proper burial.

Faith in Action

Faith in Action serves frail homebound seniors age 55 and age. Services are handed at no cost through a network of trained levies from area religious congregations, service associations, and the community-at-large.

Their thing is to help individuals and their families to maintain their independence, quality, and quality of life.

Some of the services handed are friendly visiting, transportation and companion, shopping and errand handling, minor home, and yard conservation, letter writing and reading, respite, and occasional mess medication.

In 2010, this program expanded to include tri-Cities Faith in Action in the Granite City area. The program is always in need of further levy help.

Five of the levies in this program have been honored in the community for their excellent sweats.

FOOD Presses

Hunger hurts. It denies quality, lessens mortal energy, erodes community stability, and damages the eventuality of a person to progress. Long the land of abundance, America now faces an extremity of hunger.

An adding number of people in their community are without food, some for the first time in their lives. For those of all periods who defy hunger, results must be planted—their food closet staff help with immediate problems as they hunt for results for the future.

Donations of food, time, and plutocrat are necessary for this program to carry out the agency’s ongoing response to hunger.

Complete Family Services

The families they help in these programs need new support to help them face their daily struggles. The Intact Family Services program aims to keep worried families together by offering them violent case operations and education in parenthood and linking them with community restheirces.

This program is referral grounded only from DCFS.

Mobile Food Closet Program

National estimates as recent as this time has shown that 50 million Americans suffer from food instability.

Catholic Charities is working to address that problem in the pastoral areas of their 28-county diocese with their new Mobile Food Presses.

Under the program, Catholic Charities mates up with an original church or association in a rural area and registers people who need help putting food on the table for themselves and their families.

Catholic Charities also drives a completely grazed refrigerated truck to the designated position on the food pick update. A 2-their force of food, counting for the size of each family, will be distributed amongst registered individualities in the area.

Original levies and Catholic Charities workers will help in the distribution process, generally located at a church or public structure.