Need Help From Catholic Charity Worcester MA

Catholic Charity Worcester MA provides a variety of services to the community. They offer food and clothing assistance, as well as help with utility bills and rent.

They also have a winter shelter for the homeless. Catholic Charity Worcester, MA is open Monday through Friday from 8 am-4:30 pm. You can reach them at (508) 798-0191.

Catholic Charity Worcester, MA provides a variety of services to the community. They offer food and clothing assistance, as well as help with utility bills and rent.

They also have a winter shelter for the homeless. Catholic Charity Worcester, MA is open Monday through Friday from 8 am-4:30 pm. You can reach them at (508) 798-0191.

With all of the division, anxiety, and uncertainty in the world, Catholic Charities Worcester County has been a pillar of strength for so many.

The previous year’s difficulties have brought us together with our community, Board of Directors, volunteers, contributors, and employees.

All of whom stood up to the plate to better assist our community’s most vulnerable citizens.

They have considerably boosted our presence in the corporate, municipal, and foundation areas, resulting in support that has enabled us to extend our numerous services during these difficult times.

They have strengthened our ties with our funding sources and paired service initiatives with local NGOs via teamwork and open communication.

Their mission


Catholic Charities Worcester County is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the poor, homeless, and infirm, as well as improving the quality of life for everyone, and is inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Church, as well as the pastoral guidance of the Bishop of Worcester.

They advocate the gift and sanctity of life from conception to the end of all human growth and development stages.

They are dedicated to building families and assisting those in need, regardless of racial, ethnic, cultural, or religious origins, financial abilities, or mental, physical, or developmental difficulties.

They think that everyone has the right to life, housing, food, shelter, clothes, and health care and that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in choices that impact them directly.



Programs for Emergency Stabilization and Homelessness Prevention

Case Management:

Our four area offices – Worcester, Leominster, Greater Milford, and Southbridge – serve as the hub for various programs that address basic needs and provide financial help as resources allow.

Our local office team is dedicated to supporting people and families in managing the risk factors that have led to food, housing, and socioeconomic instability.

Our case management efforts are aimed at assisting clients in stabilizing their immediate circumstances, addressing any primary safety concerns, learning to budget and manage their limited resources appropriately, planning for further education or a more stable job placement, and working proactively with the case manager to move along a path to self-sufficiency.

Food Pantries & Referrals to Food Assistance: At our Worcester and Leominster locations, we provide a variety of food pantries to all people and families.

We encourage customers who visit our pantries to choose the things most suited to their family’s requirements, and we make every attempt to supply fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats to help them create healthful meals.

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Services for Citizenship and Immigration

  • Citizenship Education and Assistance Program: Their Citizenship Assistance and Education program provide lawful permanent residents who want to take the United States Citizenship Exam. Counseling for citizenship and application aid is also offered.
  • Immigration Services: Catholic Charities Immigration Services team assists with many types of immigration applications, such as family-based immigration, adjustment of status, employment authorization, and other associated immigration forms and processes. We also refer people for immigration physicals.

Men’s Recovery Program at Crozier House

Since 1971, Crozier House, operated by Catholic Charities, has provided organized and successful residential substance abuse treatment for men aged 18 and above.

Crozier is a six-month voluntary program where participants work, pay rent, attend regular meetings with their assigned counselor, participate in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, and pledge to keep clean at the facility.

Other community drug misuse programs, acute detoxification clinics, and transitional support services, clinical stabilization centers, and criminal institutions are referred to.

Catholic Relief Services Women’s Rehabilitation Program

The Women’s Recovery Program offers a 3-6 month voluntary women’s residential program to treat a drug use disorder and a co-occurring enhanced disorder (s).

Referrals are made throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts through numerous treatment centers and hospital departments.

The ladies will have access to certified nurses and on-site psychiatric care, with the ultimate objective of reaching sobriety and stability.

Diaper Program for Little Bottoms

The Startling Reality:

Many families struggle to meet in terms of food, rent, utilities, and transportation. As a result, one out of every three families cannot afford diapers, which are not covered by the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (SNAP).

As a result, many infants spend the entire day in one diaper, which frequently leads to infections and rashes.

This can also lead to emotional and psychological problems for parents and caregivers, who may struggle to bond with their children as a result.

How Catholic Charities Affects Change:

Concerned by these facts, Catholic Charities has started collecting diapers and wipes and has sought several funds to acquire these basics for families. Staff members collect these goods, spread the news about this program, and collaborate with volunteers to form relationships in the areas we serve.

Family Shelter of Catholic Charities

When homelessness is unavoidable, the family shelter provides temporary emergency refuge. We help families by providing a combination of case management and direct service in an environment that respects the dignity of the people we serve.

Families with one or two parents are both welcome.

The families are referred to us by the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and come from various towns and cities.

Every family completes an evaluation, which assists us in addressing urgent needs and moving toward self-sufficiency.

Each family has their room and shares the following standard rooms: the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, the playroom, and the outdoor recreational areas. In addition, parents prepare their meals and help with facility maintenance.

Education Programs

Learning Center at Quinsigamond Community College

The QCC Community Learning Hubs are designed for current QCC students who may live in the community where the hub is located and would benefit from having accessible learning spaces that provide opportunities to do homework, access the Alden Library, and the QCC portal required to maintain communication with faculty, advisors, and others.

The goal is to encourage student success by making resources easily accessible to pupils within walking distance of their particular residences.

Family Services

Parent Aide Program

The Catholic Charities Parent Aide Program was established more than 25 years ago. The Therapeutic Parent Aides support and give resources to English and Spanish-speaking families across the community, with the primary objective of reuniting families.

The program serves the Worcester area, the North Central region, which includes Fitchburg and Leominster, and numerous communities in the South Central region, including Webster, Southbridge, and Dudley.

When a family is in crisis, the Catholic Charities Parent Aide Program is a three to four-month short-term service that seeks to restore good functioning in families that might benefit from some coordinated interventions tailored to each family’s particular needs.

We are deeply committed to providing programs that improve the lives of children and families in the areas where they reside.

Parent Aides collaborate with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and social workers to help families in crisis obtain services to stabilize the family unit.