Community Action of Eastern Iowa

Every year, Community Action of Eastern Iowa serves more than 25,000 people. The Cedar, Clinton, Muscatine, and Scott Counties Community Action Agency has been in operation since 1965.

What exactly is Head Start?


Please consider Head Start if your kid is not yet old enough for kindergarten. Preschool-aged children get Head Start programs (age 3 to kindergarten age).

Children receive a high-quality education with two or three instructors and small class sizes.

What exactly is Early Head Start?

Pregnant women and families with babies and toddlers are eligible for Early Head Start programs. With only eight children and two instructors, our Early Head Start classrooms are small enough to provide the most excellent care for newborns and toddlers.

We can assist you during your pregnancy if you have a child while also saving a spot for your kid in one of our centers.

What services do they offer?

They offer a variety of services. Continue reading:

What Makes This Service Special?

  • Your child’s instructor has received special training to provide high-quality early childhood education.
  • Your kid will get nutritional, dental, mental health, and family support services.
  • If your kid has a handicap or you suspect they may have a disability, we can assist you in the assessment and planning process for your child.
  • All children who meet the eligibility requirements are welcomed and enrolled in Head Start.

What does the Family Development Program entail?


We want to speak with you about enrolling in our Family Development and Self-Sufficiency (FaDSS) program if you presently receive Family Investment Program (FIP) funds.

FaDSS can assist your family in moving toward a more secure future. We will meet with you and be there for you every step of the journey.

After analyzing your strengths, we will help you develop a strategy with small measures that build up to significant improvements. We will assist you in gaining access to resources and overcoming obstacles.

How Do I Request This Service?

Families are sometimes recommended to us through the Iowa Department of Human Services or the Promise Jobs programs, but you may join up on your own if you get FIP benefits.

Community Action of Eastern Iowa assists all families in locating quality child care. This service has no income restrictions. If your family meets specific financial requirements, you may be eligible for free Head Start programs.

We will assist you if you do not qualify for Head Start or explore alternative possibilities. Our experts will assist you in compiling a list of suppliers that fulfill your requirements.

You may look for facilities and home child care providers in your area with current openings. Our Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) service can assist you in investigating your alternatives.

Student Coat Program for Winter Coats

Through the Jackets for Kids Program, the United Way of Muscatine and Community Action of Eastern Iowa collaborate to supply kids with winter coats.

Children in grades K-12 in the Muscatine, Wilton, West Liberty and L&M school districts may be eligible for a free winter coat. There are residency requirements.

If your children are in the Muscatine, Wilton, or L&M school districts and require a coat, please fill out the form below, and we will contact you.

Services for Child Care Resource and Referral Providers of Child Care (CCR&R)

If you offer in-home child care or work in a child care center, Community Action of Eastern Iowa’s Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) program can assist you in improving the quality of care you provide.

We can help you with information, training, support, and technical assistance.

How Can I Get Bill Payment Assistance?

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When Can I Apply for Help?

You can apply beginning October 1, 2021, if your family contains someone over the age of sixty, someone with a handicap, or you are at risk of losing access to your power or water.

Beginning November 1, 2021, all other households can apply.

The deadline for applying for the 2021-2022 winter heating season is April 30, 2022.

What Will I Get If I Meet the Requirements?

If you satisfy specific income requirements, you may be eligible for assistance with some of your winter heating expenditures. Community Action of Eastern Iowa will assist you in applying for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program benefits (LIHEAP).

We cannot tell you how much money you will receive unless you get it, although it might range between $200 and $500.

The amount of assistance you receive is determined by your income, family size, the type of fuel you use to heat your house, and other criteria.

If you are qualified for LIHEAP payments, you will also be protected from being disconnected from your heating and electricity service until April 1 of each year.

If you heat your house with liquid propane (LP), you may be eligible for propane delivery through this program.

Fans and Air Conditioners

To acquire a box fan, you must satisfy specific income requirements. Please visit one of our offices during business hours to request a fan.

You will complete a simple application and bring your lover.

Air Conditioning Units

Community-Action-of-Eastern-Iowa-Air Conditioning-service

To qualify for a small window air conditioner, you must fulfill specific income requirements and have a household member over the age of sixty or a medical condition that would benefit from air cooling.

If you are a tenant, your landlord will fill out a paper stating that a window unit is permitted on the property. You will be responsible for picking up the window air conditioner and installing it at one of our offices.

Assistance in Finding Work

We may be able to assist you in obtaining or retaining your employment.

If you require steel-toed boots or a uniform, they may help you.

Perhaps you need to pay for an exam, or maybe you want assistance with transportation or child care until you receive your first salary.

We are here to collaborate with you to be successful on the job. To qualify, you must fulfill specific income requirements.