Everything you need to know about chase motorcycle loans

Everything you need to know about Chase motorcycle loans

What is a motorcycle loan?

Motorcycle loans are typically secured loans, which means they must be backed up by collateral, which in this example is the motorcycle.

If you default on a secured loan, the lender has the right to seize your property. Consider an unsecured personal loan if you’re concerned about putting your motorcycle up as collateral for a loan.

On the other hand, unsecured personal loans may be seen as a more significant risk by lenders because they cannot confiscate your property if you fail to meet the loan’s terms.

As a result, unsecured loans have higher interest rates and may necessitate higher credit scores to be authorized.

How to get motorcycle financing

1. Examine your credit report

Once a year, consumers are entitled to a free credit report from each of the three main credit bureaus. If you view your credit score early in the process, you’ll have a better chance of disputing any errors.

2. Create a budget

In general, the more money you put down and the shorter the loan term, the lower the interest rate. It’s vital, though, that your monthly expense is affordable.

You don’t want to fall behind on payments and damage your credit score; else, the motorbike will be repossessed.

If you’re unsure whether to make a higher or smaller payment, go with the smaller one and make extra payments toward the loan balance whenever you can.  Here’s a motorcycle loan calculator to let you play around with figures.


3. Decide on a motorcycle

Lenders for motorcycles will want specific details about the motorcycle you wish to finance. The lender will need the motorbike’s mileage and the VIN (vehicle identifying number), which will indicate the year, make, and model of the motorcycle.

4. Fill out an application with many different lenders.

Auto loan for the general public Because dealerships increase APRs, get a few offers directly from lenders instead of an intermediary.

If you apply for a motorcycle loan from several lenders in 14 days, your credit score will not be affected more than if you apply to one.

In the United States, credit bureaus provide this time so that consumers can rate shop without fear of getting penalized.

5. Fill in the blanks on the dotted line.

Choose the best motorbike loan for you and fill out the paperwork with your lender.

If you’re buying a motorcycle from a dealership, the finance manager can help you find a lender or guide you through the paperwork signing process. Every two weeks, you may make payments to save even more money on interest.

How can I get a motorbike loan?

Lenders will consider your credit score, down payment, and the motorbike’s value when considering a secured motorcycle loan.

When contemplating an unsecured loan, lenders will look at your credit history. They will carefully consider if you can afford to pay back either type of motorcycle loan.

Motorcycle loans are available to those with weak credit. Contact the lender you’re considering if you have any queries.

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Where to get a motorcycle loan

Internet lenders may provide competitive rates, speedy funding, and an entirely online application process because they don’t have physical offices.

1- Credit unions:

Credit unions charge lower average rates on all sorts of financial goods than banks, according to the National Credit Union Association (NCUA).

Even though you must satisfy specific qualifications to join, many credit unions, particularly the larger ones, have more lax membership standards.

Below is a list of the best credit unions for motorcycle financing.

Banks: Working with a firm with which you already have a relationship will be more convenient.

Dealerships: You might be able to get financing through a dealership. Be aware that a dealer may increase your rate.

You should get a preapproval and start looking for a loan before finishing the paperwork.

Other types of motorcycle financing

There are a variety of motorcycle financing options available, in addition to a secured or unsecured loan.
Getting a motorcycle on a lease. Instead of buying a motorcycle, you might rent one.

You may be able to get a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit if you own your home (HELOC). APRs on loans secured by real estate are frequently low.

Your house, however, may be repossessed if you are unable to make payments.

Peer-to-peer lending is a form of lending in which individuals lend to one another. You might appeal to your peers for a loan rather than depending on a giant organization.

Because many peer-to-peer lenders prioritize income above credit score, a peer-to-peer loan may be suitable for borrowers with bad credit. The most significant downside is that APRs are frequently higher, and origination fees may be incurred.

Bad Credit Motorcycle Loans

A low credit score will limit your options for obtaining a motorcycle loan. You’ll almost definitely have to pay higher interest rates if you’re approved, but you still have options.

Some banks and credit unions also provide motorcycle loans to those with poor credit. One of the lenders mentioned below may assist you in obtaining a motorcycle loan.

For a motorcycle loan, what is a good credit score?

When applying for a motorcycle loan, lenders will evaluate your application based on your income, credit history, and credit score. Your credit score significantly influences whether you are accepted for a loan and what interest rate you are offered.


You’ll typically need decent to exceptional credit to qualify for a low-interest motorbike loan. According to Equifax, one of the three major credit bureaus, good credit ratings range from 670 to 850.

People with excellent credit will still qualify for the lowest stated interest rates and the most favorable loan terms.

Is it Possible to Obtain a Loan for a Used Motorcycle?

Both new and used motorcycles are eligible for motorbike loans. Some manufacturers only provide financing for new models.

However, certain firms, such as Harley-Davidson, do provide special financing for antique motorcycles.

If you aren’t qualified for manufacturer financing or want to compare rates from other lenders, you can generally find motorcycle loans and personal loans for used bikes.

Unsecured bike loans account for the vast majority of used bike loans. As a result, some lenders demand higher interest rates and limit the amount of money they may lend due to these restrictions.

How We Selected the Most Beneficial Motorcycle Loans

We looked at 18 different lenders, including manufacturer financing, motorcycle loans, and personal loans, to find the best motorcycle loans.

To narrow down the list and decide the best picks, we looked at lenders’ interest rates, accessible loan amounts, repayment durations, down payment requirements, and necessary credit scores.

Our top recommendations for the best motorcycle loans had the lowest interest rates and loan terms of five years or longer, and they were available on both new and used motorcycles.