FirstSource Advantage – Can I Remove From My Credit Report?

What Is Firstsource Advantage?


A debt collecting agency is a Firstsource Advantage. They’re frequently shown as a ‘collections’ account on your credit record. When you neglect to pay a bill, this generally happens.

If you have a group on your credit record, it will hurt your credit score (unless removed).

Is Firstsource Advantage a genuine business or a con?

Firstsource Advantage, LLC, Inc is a genuine business. They are a medium-sized collection agency in the United States, started in 1995 in Texas and now located in Amherst, NY.

Should I Try To Work Out A Deal Or Pay For Firstsource Advantage?

Regrettably, settling (whether in whole or not) may not benefit your credit. Your credit score will be harmed for seven years if a collection account is placed on your credit record, regardless of payment. You do, however, have alternatives.


Credit Glory has successfully fought collections from Firstsource Advantage and other organizations for thousands of consumers around the country.

Will Firstsource Advantage Bring A Lawsuit

No, it is not always the case. However, if they do, it is not a good thing and can be a terrifying experience. You may never have to deal with them again if you engage with a professional like Credit Glory to fight their debt, assuring their reporting accuracy, timeliness, and authenticity.

Call us now to find out how we can help you prevent litigation and being sued while also repairing your credit.

Firstsource Advantage Complaints

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has received approximately 35 complaints against this company, while the Better Business Bureau has received 37. Inaccurate reporting and a lack of response to debt verification requests are common complaints.

This implies that challenging your bad accounts with a specialist like Credit Glory has a strong probability of getting them removed, boosting your credit score, and allowing you to qualify for the home, automobile, and credit cards you want.

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Can You Remove Firstsource Advantage Collection Accounts?

Credit Glory specializes in contesting Firstsource Advantage and similar firms and has helped hundreds of people around the country. We can also assist you!

Today is the last day to remove Firstsource Advantage from your report!

We advise consulting a credit repair specialist to review your credit report in such circumstances. Allowing specialists to determine the causes for your score decline saves you a lot of time, effort, and money.

Credit Glory is a credit restoration firm that assists regular people in removing erroneous, incomplete, unverifiable, unauthorized, or fraudulent negative things from their credit reports.

Their primary purpose is to provide customers with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve their financial goals in 2020 and beyond.

Stop Harassment from First Source Advantage Now


Debt collection organizations, such as First Source Advantage, are prohibited from doing the following when attempting to collect a debt under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA):

  • Make contact with everyone who isn’t the primary debtor.
  • Threaten you with an attorney referral, credit damage, or salary garnishment without intending to carry out the threat.
  • If you tell them not to, they will contact you at your workplace.
  • Make calls to your workplace to alert them about your debt and avoid giving any details about it to others.
    During calls, use foul or filthy language.
  • Send collection letters that seem like they came from a court or the government.
  • If the debt is not paid, they threaten to arrest you.

Additional Points to Consider When Dealing with Firstsource Advantage, LLC

Avoid using your phone. NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, The less information they have about you, the better.

Inform them that it is your policy to deal with all matters in writing. Then hang up after requesting a letter containing the original debt details.

Send them a stop and desist letter if they keep calling.

Make a recording of their phone calls. If you have to speak with a debt collecting agency over the phone, make a recording of the conversation. You may secretly record your phone calls in 35 states and the District of Columbia.
In the remaining 15 states, you can record with the other party’s consent.

If you inform the debt collector, you’re going to register, and they keep talking, you’ve permitted them to do so. The majority of the time, they will hang up.

Don’t trust anything they tell you. Bill collectors have a history of making bogus threats, lying, and telling you anything you need to hear to get you to pay the debt.

Don’t try to conceal your cash. If you owe them, hiding money or assets from a legitimate collection agency is deemed fraudulent.

It’s also a good idea to keep your bank account and credit card details private.

Do not apply for new credit lines. You are using for additional lines of credit while unable to pay your present creditors is also deemed dishonest.

Don’t dismiss them. You can handle things your way, but ignoring the circumstance will not make First Source Advantage disappear. Ignoring them puts you at risk of being sued.

Know the Statute of Limitations in your state. Debt has a statute of limitations in each state. Your debt becomes “zombie debt” if it reaches a particular age and you are no longer legally compelled to pay it. The age limit varies per state, although it is often about 4-6 years.

A collection agency can still contact you about these debts, but they can no longer sue you for them, and you are not obligated to pay them.

What happens if First Source Advantage is unable to verify the debt?

If First Source Advantage cannot verify the debt, they will be forced to cease reporting it to credit bureaus. Regrettably, this does not absolve you of your legal responsibility to pay the loan.

When that occurs, they can begin writing it once more. The “pay for deletion” activity can then start.

How to Get Rid of FirstSource Advantage LLC’s Harassing Letters and Phone Calls

If debtors do not pay, certain collection agencies may phone them repeatedly and threaten them with lawsuits or jail time if they do not pay.

They could even attempt to contact relatives or coworkers.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibits collection agencies from harassing, threatening, or lying to debtors. They must also call within regular work hours or when they are awake. If a debt collector calls you in the middle of the night or contacts your company, it’s time to remind them of the law.

You can also contact FirstSource Advantage LLC and request that they discontinue all contact with you. If you ask First Source Advantage to cease contacting you, they are legally obligated to do so. Unfortunately, this does not relieve you of your need to repay the amount.