HELP of Southern Nevada

HELP of Southern Nevada emergency assistance programs


Every year, tens of thousands of struggling families seek help from HELP of Southern Nevada. The group is working to solve various issues in Clark County and the adjacent towns and communities.

If the programs cannot satisfy your requirements, referrals may be made.

Christmas, holiday assistance, and toy drives

This initiative helps many children throughout the holidays by relying on the kindness of individuals and businesses to provide new toys or presents.

It can assure that kids receive a gift, toy, or present beneath the tree or during the holidays. Families may “shop” at the HELP toy store for precisely what they need after applying and being accepted.

As a result, they can only choose what their child could enjoy or want, resulting in less waste and rejected gifts.
Turkey-A-Thon and Adopt-A-Family are two more Christmastime activities in Nevada. The less fortunate will receive complimentary meals and other assistance due to this.

People may also donate food, canned goods, toys, clothes, and other items to a family, senior, or youngster in need through Adopt a Family.

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Financial assistance resources from HELP

Their Emergency Resource Services center assisted. This acts as a vital link between persons in need of assistance and those who provide human services in Clark County, Nevada. Rental aid, free bus passes, utility assistance, clothes and food vouchers, H.O.P.W.A., and personal hygiene goods are among the services provided.

There are several referrals to various organizations and monetary aid and case management. This emergency help gives HELP customers the time they need to achieve self-sufficiency.

This program keeps a lot of individuals in southern Nevada from becoming homeless.

At HELP, you may apply for utility assistance. The non-profit collaborates with Nevada to assist low-income and older citizens who are seeking energy assistance.

When approved, the funds can cover a portion of a low-income person’s energy bill to fulfill other eligibility requirements. While the program’s capabilities are restricted, it may be used to pay for reconnections, arrearages, former address bills, and account deposits. Other utility bill help programs in Nevada can be found here.

Another option to seek electricity bills or rental help is A New Path. In the Las Vegas area, there may also be monies to pay a security deposit. Financial assistance is provided to low-income families facing eviction or are presently homeless.

The program gives either cash grants or short-term loans for these housing costs. It also focuses on providing case management, assistance, programming, and other services to clients to become self-sufficient.

Additional resources in southern Nevada


The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, or SNAP, is also available via HELP of Southern Nevada. While filling out applications for government subsidies and food stamps, community members can get help and support.

Various information on other public assistance programs is also provided to qualifying low-income individuals.

H.O.P.W.A. is another term for Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS. Free food coupons, information on low-income housing, and assistance with other nutritional requirements are the essential resources available.

Baby First Services includes formula, diapers, and other items. The HELP of Southern Nevada program provides information, early prenatal and postnatal care counseling, and more general mother-to-mother support for at-risk pregnant women. Diapers, Baby Find, formula, wipes, and prenatal vitamins are just a few outreach programs available.

Free bus passes may be distributed for people who require transportation to work, a job interview, or a doctor’s visit. This may only be used twice a year at most. The number of passes available is quite restricted.

Food Vouchers are also distributed through HELP of Southern Nevada in collaboration with pantries. Canned products, groceries, fruits, veggies, and perishables are just a few of the options.

As part of the Weatherization process, energy conservation services are provided. The program helps low-income families in Clark County and the surrounding areas. Seniors, disabled or physically challenged people, and families with tiny children are prioritized.

Weatherstripping, solar screen installation, window repair, and gas appliance testing are all examples of weatherization aid.

Refrigerator efficiency inspections, heating, and air conditioning assessments, and other energy-saving gadgets such as C.F.L. lights may all be done with the help of HELP.

Owner-occupied single-family houses, condominiums in Las Vegas, and mobile units are eligible for the program. As part of this government initiative, rentals with landlord/owner consent are permitted.

HELP attempts to emphasize the importance of education and work. This applies to both adults and younger students. Adults are sent to local job placement or seminars. The next generation of elementary and high school pupils can also receive support. This contains a variety of complimentary school materials.

The HELP Work Opportunities Readiness Center, often known as W.O.R.C., is a resource for those looking for new or better employment.

Pre-employment services are coordinated by the non-profit, allowing clients to enter or re-enter the job market.

W.O.R.C. offers various services, including support groups, workshops, networking, decision-making skills development, one-on-one personal or vocational counseling, job-seeking, leadership development, and aid with tasks such as establishing an action plan.

People who have recently lost their principal source of income due to sudden job layoffs, divorce, disability, or death may benefit from the W.O.R.C. programs.

Clients will assess their current requirements through the Displaced Homemaker Program. After that, engage with a professional to hone your job-search skills and assist with job placement and referrals. As part of this, free workshops are available.

Get access to essential educational and employment skills, as well as high school degrees, academic credentials, and more.

HELP of Southern Nevada also operates homeless shelters, focusing on young people. Residents are motivated to achieve self-sufficiency by social workers who provide job training and other skills to advance their employment, education, social, and life skills.

Staff assist customers in seeking permanent homes in Las Vegas and help with security deposit applications. Intensive case management, money management, mental health referrals, and credit rehabilitation are among the other services available.