Jet ski financing bad credit

Jet ski financing bad credit

What is a bad credit jet ski loan?

Credit problems Individuals may get money to buy a jet ski with the help of a jet ski loan. They could be a good fit for those who other lenders have turned down due to credit defaults, section IX debt agreements, bankruptcy, or other credit difficulties.

Has a bank turned you down? There are no issues.

Do you fantasize about a jet ski and some real air time? Or how about a three-person ride for the whole family?

Our financial experts recognize that things don’t always go as planned, and they know how to arrange to finance that will keep you afloat – regardless of your credit score.

  • Discharged Bankrupts
  • Defaults / Repossessions
  • Self Employed or No Financials
  • Credit Card Defaults

Bad Credit Jet Ski Finance

Have you discovered the ideal jet ski but require additional funding before you can take it to the water?
Due to your prior credit history, the Dealership, your bank, or another broker may have refused you.

You may have fallen behind on your expenses. We don’t feel that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve another shot with a Jet Ski loan.

Fox Finance Group

We recognize that some people require a second opportunity at life at Fox Finance Group.

Fox Finance Group was formed to assist those who no one else can. Is this something you’ve heard before?
You’ve had some troubles in the past, but they’re no longer preventing you from repaying your following loan commitment.

If this describes you, our experts will do everything possible to assist you in locating the best loan option for you.

Financing through a manufacturer

Because they utilize financing as a strategy to promote the product, whether it’s a Jet Ski or a car, a manufacturer’s credit businesses frequently have competitive rates.

Some manufacturers have their jet ski finance firms, while others work with third-party lenders. Dealer financing may provide special offers such as no money down or a cheap introductory rate for a limited period.

Krash jet ski company

Krash, a Jet Ski company, provides an online application that connects you with a lender.

The interest rates on the loans range from 0.00% APR for 12 months to 7.95% APR for 72 months. Yamaha, for example, offered a 96-month 5.99 percent APR deal on two WaveRunners.

You may be able to get reasonable rates with terms that suit your circumstances, depending on your credit history.


  • A better loan offer than you’ll likely find anywhere else.
  • The dealer may include extras or incentives.


  • For the most important deals, you’ll need excellent credit.
  • Particular models may be eligible for incentives only at specific periods of the year.

Financing with a credit card

Jet ski financing with credit card

You can finance a Jet Ski with a credit card if you need to. If you’re signed up for benefits like airline miles or cash back, it may be a windfall. Before you buy:

  • Keep in mind the purchase and incentive restrictions.
  • Check with your dealer to see whether they will accept a credit card for the entire purchase price or just a deposit. Because merchants are charged a fee for credit card transactions, they may prefer you to pay in another method.
  • Consider whether it’s a good idea to put your credit on hold until you’ve paid off a large portion of your debt.
  • If you’re thinking about getting a new credit card to pay for your Jet Ski, opt for one with a 0% APR introductory offer and an extended intro term, so you have more time to pay.
Here are a few cards that have lengthy introductory rates:
  • The U.S. Bank Visa® Platinum Card comes with a 20-month 0% APR introductory term and no annual fee.
  • Citi Simplicity® Card offers an 18-month 0% APR introductory term with no annual fee.
  • Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card: No annual fee, 18-month 0% intro period.

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Financing with personal watercraft (PWC) loan

A personal watercraft loan is comparable to a vehicle loan and can be obtained via a bank, credit union, or internet lender.

It’s attached to a specific automobile, which might be repossessed if you don’t make payments. You must apply to the lender, who will examine your credit score and verify your income. Before shopping, get preapproved to see how much you can afford.

APRs on personal watercraft loans are often lower than on personal loans.

You may be able to obtain better rates and terms than the dealers give, depending on your credit history, credit rating, and manufacturer’s incentive programs.

  • LightStream PWC/Boat loans start at 4.29 percent and go up to $100,000. (with autopay).
  • PWC loans from Navy Federal Credit Union start at 5.95 percent for 36 months.
  • PWC/boat loans from U.S. Bank are available at 5.24 percent for up to 48 months on new PWCs.

Financing with a personal loan

Your credit history and income are used to determine if you qualify for a personal loan. The vehicle’s title is clear of any liens.

Shop around for personal loans because interest rates vary depending on your credit history, loan period, and other criteria. If you’re buying a used personal watercraft from a private seller, a personal loan can be the best option.

Personal loans with an APR as low as 5.94 percent are available. No prepayment penalty for loans up to $50,000.
Personal loans with APRs starting at 5.99 percent can be paid off quickly.

However, it would be best to qualify if you had a FICO credit score of 640 or above. You can take out a loan of up to $40,000.

Personal loans from Best Egg have an APR of 5.99 percent. To qualify for the greatest APRs, you must have a FICO score of 700. A loan of up to $50,000 is available.

We determine the most suitable method of financing a Jet Ski for you.

Your circumstances determine the most acceptable Jet Ski finance alternatives. Greg James, a Parsec Financial Wealth Management partner in Winston-Salem, N.C., refers to a Jet Ski purchase as “fun debt.” He advises considering not only the purchase price but also the opportunity cost.

Benefits of comparison shopping for Jet Ski financing

Comparing prices is a sensible way to locate the most excellent bargain for your budget. While dealer financing may appear appealing, make sure you understand the introductory rates, which will be once the intro period ends.

When comparing Jet Ski financing choices, keep in mind that rates might fluctuate throughout the loan, so whether you obtain a cheap introductory rate from the manufacturer or a credit card, consider the total cost of financing.

Make sure any financing you get includes the trailer as well as any additional accessories you might desire, such as a cover for your new Jet Ski.

If you’re itching to get out on the lake in a new Jet Ski this summer, you could make a hurried financing decision that you’ll come to regret.

You can put money aside for a higher down payment, which would decrease your monthly payments. You may also pay cash for a used Jet Ski or take out a lesser loan. Paying with cash avoids interest, but it’s not a good idea to run out of money.

Within 14 days, you can apply for various loan offers without harming your credit score. You’ll be able to tell if the dealer’s offer is competitive if you have various financing choices.