Jet Ski Financing: How does it work

Jet Ski Financing: How Does It Work?

Do you plan on purchasing a new jet ski this summer? You may be investigating jet ski financing alternatives to make your daydreams into reality, with prices ranging from over $15,000 per unit — and you may desire more than one for families — you may be busy exploring jet ski financing options to turn your daydreams into reality.

It’s not difficult to get financing for a jet ski. In truth, financing most other recreational vehicles is comparable.

However, depending on your scenario, some ways are superior to others. We’ll go through several low-cost choices for financing your purchase, as well as those that you should certainly avoid.

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How to finance your jet ski

The stronger your credit rating, as with any finance, the more appealing the possibilities you may have.

• Manufacturer financing

As an incentive to buy specific items or models, vehicle manufacturers are known for giving competitive lending rates to well-qualified borrowers.

If you have good credit and want to buy a jet ski or another type of vehicle, financing via the manufacturer is frequently the most reasonable option.

Indeed, if you have strong credit, you might be able to get 0% APR financing from a manufacturer, but for a shorter loan term (e.g., 12 months) or introduction period. Keep in mind that if you need additional time to pay off your loan, that low initial APR might escalate to a considerably higher rate.

• Powersport loans

Jet ski loans will be available from banks, credit unions, and internet lenders under various titles such as specialized vehicles, sports vehicles, and leisure vehicles.

These loans may have higher interest rates than manufacturer financing incentives, but they usually are less expensive than personal loans, which we’ll discuss next.

If you’re comparing powersport loan rates to manufacturer loan rates, consider that your manufacturer loan rate may fluctuate over time. Calculate the total interest you’ll pay over the life of the loan to find which choice will save you the most money.

We recently discovered powersport loan rates as low as 4.29 percent APR, with additional offers around 5% and 6% APR; nevertheless, the most excellent prices go to those with the best credit and the shortest periods.

• Personal loans

Personal loans are available from various institutions and online lenders and may be used to fund the purchase of a jet ski.

When compared to other borrowing options, you may have an easier time applying for a personal loan if your credit scores are less-than-perfect (depending on each lender’s criteria).

If your credit score is in good standing, however, you might be able to discover a more cheap option to finance your jet ski purchase. If you’re trying to buy a used jet ski but can’t or don’t want to pay cash, a personal loan could be your best option.

Some banks may have minimum loan amounts for Powersports loans; however, personal loans may have lower criteria.

• Credit cards

Although it is theoretically feasible to finance your jet ski purchase using a credit card, it is typically not a brilliant idea.

Credit cards are notoriously costly to finance large purchases unless you have an excellent introductory rate deal.

Furthermore, if your debt-to-limit ratio rises as a result of a large purchase, your credit scores may suffer until you can pay off your card bill. “It’s easy to put a big, exciting item on a credit card, but it might be an expensive error,”

Eric Rosenberg, creator, and editor of Personal Profitability, said. “Unlike a mortgage or a car loan, where the loan is secured by the vehicle, a credit card does not offer a cheaper interest rate. You may easily end yourself spending 20% or more to get rid of that jet ski. “No amount of enjoyment is worth that price.”


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At Pegasus Marine Loan, we make finding the perfect finance arrangement for you a breeze. Rather than paying the whole amount upfront, our jet ski financing options allow you to buy now and pay later with a series of manageable monthly installments.

Our knowledgeable staff can help you locate a reasonable rate in as little time as possible, with financing choices you can afford and durations ranging from 24 to 60 months.

We think that your financial situation should not define what you can afford and that spreading the cost allows you to satisfy your need for speed on the water.

We can assist you regardless of your credit history since we work with expert jet ski loan lenders that recognize that most of the population does not have excellent credit ratings.

We’re interested in what you can afford right now at Pegasus Marine Finance, and as long as you can handle the payments, we should be able to assist you in getting the jet ski of your dreams.

What to look out for when financing a jet ski

Having a jet ski may indeed be enjoyable. However, you should not finance a recreational vehicle unless you have sufficient funds in your budget.

“Never let this sort of purchase put you under financial stress,” Rosenberg advises. It’s hardly worth the money if you’ll be late on other bills.”

Don’t know how much a jet ski will set you back? LendingTree’s payment calculator will assist you in determining the answer. MagnifyMoney’s parent business is LendingTree.


It’s crucial to ensure the model fulfills your requirements and needs when picking the ideal jet ski for you. There’s a jet ski for everyone, whether for speed, dependability, space, storage, or good old-fashioned fun.

With a wide range of models to choose from, including single-seater and stand-up racing PWCs as well as recreational leisure craft for two or three riders, you’re sure to discover a jet ski you’ll like.

Sea-Doo, Yamaha, and Kawasaki are popular manufacturers with a broad selection of models to suit all preferences and budgets.