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Mission Arlington emergency assistance supports families in crisis. Our service operation stays open six days each week, in order to be here when people need help. This is especially important for families with working adults. Crises in people’s lives happen all times of day and night, and we want to be here to help.

Childcare is provided for parents when they are on our campus receiving assistance.


They’re also searching for 6,000 volunteers to assist them. Mission Arlington is busy packaging up cornbread, stuffing, vegetables, and other canned foods within less than 48 hours until their Thanksgiving handout.

However, as Mission Arlington’s staff and volunteers assemble the boxes, they run out of seasonal favorites, prompting them to get creative.

Mission Arlington adjusts to the Thanksgiving food donation shortage

Mission Arlington expects to provide 6,000 Thanksgiving meals to low-income families this year. The group has run into some difficulties obtaining particular types of food, but volunteers are adapting to the situation.

Despite shortages of seasonal favorites, Mission Arlington plans to serve 6,000 people on Thanksgiving Day.

A Christmas Story from Mission Arlington


At Mission Arlington®, we’ve recently ended the Christmas season. What a magnificent sight it was to witness the community’s outpouring of compassion as people contributed toys and gifts to make someone else’s Christmas more memorable.

Emily, a Bible Study leader in downtown Arlington, led a group of volunteers and a cargo of bicycles to deliver at the apartment complex where she ministers on a Saturday in December.

Emily knocked on a few doors, inviting folks to come to pick out the appropriate bicycles for their children. It wasn’t long before families from all around came to view the motorcycles at the clubhouse.

Brisa, a little girl, came to the clubhouse to look at the bicycles. Brisa has been a long-time participant in the After School program, but she has lately been more committed and has memorized all of her memory verses this year.

Emily urged her to choose whatever bicycle she desired.

She said, “How about my sister?” Emily reassured her that her sister could also ride a bike. The child insisted on first looking for a bike for her sister. Emily promised to assist Brisa in finding the ideal cycle for her now that her sister’s bike had been safely stored.

Brisa said, “How about my other sister? While they sought the perfect bike for Emily’s three-year-old sister, Emily sobbed a bit.

Brisa finally acquired a bike after her younger two siblings were taken care of. All of the volunteers within hearing distance assisted in the search and ensured Brisa received the right bike. What a delight it is to see God’s love manifested in a little girl’s selfless gestures.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and will continue to contribute next year. Your contributions are making a difference in people’s lives all around the city.

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Mission Arlington to Host Bike Drive for Christmas

Mission Arlington is resurrecting its Bikes for Mission Arlington program to distribute even more bicycles to low-income families.

In 2007, this foundation was founded by two families who contributed six bicycles. It’s grown since then, with over 2,000 bikes dispersed around Arlington and the Metroplex last year.

According to Mission Arlington, the children who receive these items would otherwise be without Christmas presents.

Because of the large number of families affected by COVID-19, there is a more significant demand for bikes this year.

Those who choose to give from the comfort of their own homes can do so through the organization’s website.

Bikes have supplied over 15,000 bicycles to local families via Mission Arlington since 2007.

Even though the scale and breadth of the project have varied, one thing has remained constant: the emphasis on “one bike, one kid.” You and your family may bless a kid this Christmas with simply a child’s bicycle and helmet.

Listen to Tillie Burgin, Executive Director of Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex, discuss the critical need for bicycles each Christmas season and the positive impact on children and their families.

Bikes for Objective Arlington is one of the numerous groups that assist Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex in fulfilling its mission of serving God and loving His people.

Bikes For Mission Arlington

We could all use some good news right now, more than ever. What could be more joyful than giving children bicycles for Christmas?

With the Bikes for Mission Arlington initiative, Mission Arlington has been putting smiles on children’s faces — and their parents — since 2007. The year 2020 was no different. It wasn’t simply the bikes that made the youngsters squeal with delight.

Mission Arlington welcomed hundreds of families to “shop” for free Christmas gifts, including toys, bikes, and cycle helmets, thanks to the help of area companies, churches, people, and families. This may be the only present they received for Christmas for many recipients.

The yearly initiative began 13 years ago with two local fathers and their children putting “faith into action” by providing six bikes to Mission Arlington for underprivileged children.

Bikes for Mission Arlington has since donated over 12,000 bicycles and other Christmas items to children in the Arlington region.

Everyone who got a gift also heard the gospel message’s good news.

“A bike means freedom, but for some families, it represents the ability to get to school or job,” said Tommy Saxon, a member of the Bikes for Mission Arlington board.

“It’s a method of transportation that has the potential to transform a child’s—or a family’s—destiny.” This year, through the Mission Arlington website, there was also a “give from home” option to aid social distancing efforts.

Once again, the Arlington community stepped forward to fulfill the Christmas wishes of many local children and their families.