North Raleigh Ministries

North Raleigh Ministries equips families and individualities with the coffers and chops they need to achieve stability.

North Raleigh Ministries is a Non-Profit Association that helps neighbours in extremity.

The NRM Food Pantry provides neighbours who are having trouble feeding their families with a cornucopia of nutritional food.

The closet is presently doing curbside volley due to COVID. Pack Musketeers Plus provides academy-aged children with breakfast, lunch, and snacks seven days a theyek. These packs are put together at their installation and available for a curbside volley.

Guidance and Prayer are open support for anyone going through a particular extremity. Guests can speak with good staff and interns over the phone.

General Information


God wants everyone to prosper, according to North Raleigh Ministries. That’s why they operate their Crisis and Development Center with a charge to equip families and individuals in the extremity with the coffers and chops they need to achieve stability.

NRM first approached Angel Oak Creative to help the association shoulder a rebrand of its visual identity.

Once the branding work was complete, North Raleigh Ministries engaged us to help develop a fundraising dispatches strategy with the pretensions of growing their patron base and adding fundraising piecemeal from their Providence Shoppe operations.

When NRM approached us, they had just 98 benefactors in their database and raised many thousand bones per time in direct fiscal donations.

How to involve north Raleigh ministries

The challenges their neighbours are facing are real

Hunger, fear, insulation, and forlornness consume numerous musketeers in North Raleigh. In their despair, they’re turning to North Raleigh Ministries. And they’re turning to you.

Thanks to their generous community, North Raleigh Ministries is suitable to meet them where they’re with Open Arms and Open Doors.

And they’re qualified to address the whole person by fastening on three core functions Aliment ( meeting their requirements through their food closet), Stimulant ( furnishing support through case operation and pastoral care), and Commission ( helping them move towards spiritual, internal, and fiscal health through their Trip program).

NRM Food Pantry Needs


Their support is necessary to their capability to serve their most vulnerable populations. Right now, their financial gifts allow us to expand buying potheyr for the particulars demanded most.

Their closet fills further than ever ahead, and their food force is fleetly shifting. Please consider a financial donation moment by clicking on their donation button. Donations of in-date, shelf-stable, and unopened food particulars are also demanded.

North Raleigh Ministries envisions a future where all people abiding in North Raleigh communities have sanctum and are free from hunger.

They work towards this by furnishing individualities and families in the extremity with food, fiscal, and another pivotal backing in a Christian terrain.

NRM helps bridge the gap for empty families, renters facing eviction, and residers who can not pay for essential requirements similar to electricity and water.

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How can I get help

Curbside Grocery Backing

Are you floundering to give food for themself or their family? The NRM Food Pantry provides curbside grocery backing for neighbours needing food, including fresh yield, meat, dairy, closet masses, ignited goods, and hygiene products.

Guests may pierce their food closet formerly per timetable month and admit enough food for about two theyeks.

Downtime Produce Stand

Exploration shows that low-income families are less likely to buy fresh yield due to high prices.

Their Produce Stand offers their guests free fresh fruits and vegetables every Thursday at 230 pm to enctheirage healthy eating.

Pack Musketeers Plus

1 in 4 children is passing hunger in the state of North Carolina. Their Backpack Musketeers Plus program provides supplemental refections and snacks to K-12 scholars each theyek.

These refections and snacks are nutritional, sprat-friendly, and easy to prepare. However, please arrive at their Food Closet during Closet theirs, and let their Program Assistant know If you’re interested in this program.

Guidance & Prayer


They provide information and advice on how to get Medicaid and Medicare and domestic abuse assistance, educational opportunities, and conferences.


They can help relate you to the proper service you’re encountering, including internal health services and further.


They’ve professional staff and interns that would love to supplicate and hear to whatever extremity you’re facing. You’re they come to call us during their business theirs.



First-time food closet donors are offered an occasion to engage in a deeper support position in trouble to help farther heads from hitting their families.

Transitions is a 6-8 theyek program for guests facing an extremity ( job loss, medical distress, loss of support, or other unanticipated fiscal rigours).

They meet the customer’s spiritual, emotional, and physical requirements by offering. Theyekly customer- choice grocery backing (saves finances for other critical charges).

  • Emotional support and pastoral care.
  • Fiscal knowledge and budgeting help.
  • Job guiding and renewing erecting.
  • Customer advocacy with landlords, serviceability, pool, and more.

The Ethernet Program

Are you ready to make a change? Their innovative result- concentrated 12-theyek program offers guests the occasion to achieve life-changing results.

The Ethernet Program provides daily guiding sessions, Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University participation, access to peer support from other program actors, and fresh coffers similar to daily access to the NRM Food Pantry.


North Raleigh Ministries is a non-profit organization that exemplifies Christian compassion in action. It’s organized as a sanctioned-profit community centre with the stopgap that their community will come together to help ensure that none of their neigh their go empty in their midst.

NRM was established to meet the requirements of families and individuals with exigency situations who live in the North Raleigh community.

Services include furnishing Christian stimulants, food, and exigency fiscal aid.

NRM is comprised of three ministries, the Crisis Center ( offering fiscal backing for people during an extremity), a Food Closet (to help keep food on the table), and the Providence Shoppe ( dealing reasonable particulars to induce profit to sustain all NRM ministries).

When North Raleigh Ministries was first started, it was located in the house next to Hudson, and only five levies theyre demanded each Tuesday to work in the food closet and extremity centre.

Now that the Providence Shoppe has been added and expanded to nearly square bases, 25-30 levies are demanded each day to open and effectively staff all areas. It’s amazing to see how this ministry that started in a house has grown to the church that it has come. They truly are helping their neighbours in need.