Polaris Financing Basics

Polaris Financing Basics

Customers purchasing a Polaris or Indian Motorcycle can choose from various financing options.

Among the financial partners are:

1. Sheffield Financial


Fixed Interest Rates and Terms from Sheffield Financial provide you peace of mind regarding your financing options.

Personal attention and excellent approval rates are ensured by human underwriting on every loan.

Our “Southern Hospitality” organization places a high value on customer service.

We provide competitive financing on new and used Polaris items, making us the premier Powersports lender.
Excellent customer service, rapid credit approvals, and minimum paperwork are just a few of the benefits.

2. Synchrony


  • Installment loans with set interest rates and periods.
  • All new and used Polaris goods have affordable monthly payments.
  • The application and contracting processes are both quick and straightforward.
  • Our knowledgeable team will assist you in determining the best loan for your financial needs.

Rely on a reputable company’s financial stability. Synchrony Financial is a leading financial services company in the United States, with origins dating to 1932 in consumer finance.

3. Performance Finance


  • National Powersports lending firm with cheap interest rates and long-term financing choices.
  • Select Polaris and Indian Motorcycle items are eligible for flexible promotional offers.
  • There are no prepayment penalties or fees if you pay off your loan early.
  • Customer service excellence is always a primary focus.
  • Powered by Polaris and backed by a 5-Star rated bank.

4. TD Auto Finance

TD Auto Finance is a renowned financial solutions provider that offers consumers wishing to finance Polaris and Indian Motorcycles a variety of flexible financing alternatives.

TD provides consumers financing options at point-of-sale through a national Polaris and Indian Motorcycle Dealers network, with consistent, trustworthy, and quick service.

Minimum Credit Score for Polaris Financing

Polaris has a variety of financing alternatives for its all-terrain vehicles, including the Polaris Visa Card and four different loan options.

We contacted corporate and retail customer service staff for further information regarding financing criteria. We were advised that the minimum credit score for acceptance usually is about 700, regardless of which financing option you choose.

Customers with credit scores in the upper 600s, on the other hand, have reported approval. The many forms of financing offered at Polaris and the interest rates and criteria for each are detailed below.

Polaris Visa Card

Customers who apply for the Polaris Visa Card, which U.S. Bank endorses, can do so online. To apply for Polaris, you must supply personal, housing, and income information.

The interest rate will be between 16 and 25 percent, depending on your credit score, and there will be no annual charge. Representatives were unable to provide information regarding the card’s typical credit limits, but they did say that your limit at the time of acceptance will vary depending on your creditworthiness.

The Polaris Visa Card is accepted at all Visa-accepting merchants. Every purchase earns you points, and 2500 points equal $25 in Polaris Cash, redeemable at participating Polaris dealerships.

Polaris Loan Options


Polaris offers loans through four lenders: Sheffield Financial, Synchrony Financial, Performance Finance, and TD Auto Finance, in addition to the Polaris Visa Card. Performance Finance offers extended-term alternatives, whereas the other three loan options have fixed durations and interest rates.

According to customer support personnel, the vehicle’s price determines the length of the loan and whether or not you make a down payment.

Snowmobiles are not eligible for Performance Finance; nevertheless, all other loan options are accessible for all vehicles.

Your local Polaris dealer could provide all of these financing choices, or it might just offer one or two.

At the point of sale, the application and approval procedure will occur. Once you submit your information, Polaris will accept or deny your application for financing in-store.

You’ll need to keep track of the dealer and car, as well as whether you’re an individual or a joint applicant while applying for financing.

Loan Requirements for Polaris

When applying for a loan at Polaris, each applicant must give the following information:

  • Social Security number
  • Name
  • Current address
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Resident status
  • Rent or house payment amount
  • Number of years at your home
  • Work phone number
  • Employer name and city
  • Number of years employed
  • Monthly gross salary
  • Your nearest relative’s name, city and state of residence, and phone number

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Loan Interest Rates

Customers with at least an “excellent” credit score have the best chance of getting approved for a loan with a reduced interest rate — generally about 15%.

Customers with scores around 670, on the other hand, have reported being able to get a loan at a higher interest rate of roughly 28 percent or more on rare occasions.

What is the best way to finance a Polaris global account?

You can make a wire transfer through your local bank in another country; however, the Polaris Global Desk will send you details about Polaris bank correspondent banks once the account is set up.

Money Transfer Operators in your country of residence can help you fund your account. Third-party cash deposits in Nigeria, both naira and foreign currency NIBBS, and transfers from other banks In Nigeria, cheque/dividend deposit is contingent on the account having two valid references.

Does Polaris offer Finance on ATVs?

Polaris’s leading off-road vehicle manufacturer is providing zero-percent financing on new Polaris Sportsman ATVs, Ranger 4WD Utility Vehicles, RZRs, and Scramblers.

AG Advantage Promotion:

Restrictions: This deal is good until December 31, 2021. Any new and unregistered 2022 RANGER, GENERAL, SPORTSMAN, and SCRAMBLER models are eligible for a $750 side-by-side discount and a $500 ATV discount.

RZR, Phoenix, and youth versions are not eligible for any discounts. Only RANGER models are eligible for the extended warranty of two years.

The additional two-year guarantee is not applicable on RANGER EV and High Lift Edition vehicles. This promotion is valid in both Canada and the United States.

To be eligible for this promotion, both the customer and the dealership must live in one approved state or province. This deal is not stackable with other exclusive coupon offers and cannot be used with Polaris National Sales Event coupons.

Dealer Redemption:

Log on to your Polaris Dealer Website to complete the procedure.

Pick the Holiday Sales Event rebate on the promotion selection page during the registration procedure.
Go to the coupon redemption page, put “Polaris Ag Advantage” in the discount code area, and finish the paperwork submission.

Upload the original bill of sale receipt with all pertinent price and product descriptions underlined, indicating that the discount was given at the time of purchase.

Upload appropriate evidence demonstrating that the operation has been registered with the state and government, such as a registered farm site member, state tax-exempt form, co-op membership, or other supporting papers.

The name on the paperwork has to match the name on the bill of sale. Polaris will reimburse the remaining difference between the Holiday Sales Event refund and the Ag Advantage rebate after all required documentation has been uploaded and verified.

Polaris will not pay the outstanding balance if suitable paperwork is not given. All offer redemptions must be completed online within five days of the vehicle’s sale, whichever comes first. All redemptions will be reimbursed to the parts account of the dealer.