Everything you need to know about the Quad Area

A quadrangle is rectangularly shaped, especially on a university lot; structures enclose that. Their council friend might tell you to meet her in the square after lunch.



Quad Area continues to wage war on poverty by guarding and perfecting the quality of lives of the low income through services of education, training advocacy, and recreation, with Poor people’s involvement and respect being valued in planning and having a good time at the same time.

Their values are to recognize people, especially the vulnerable and the yak, to empower the poor to take control of their own lives, take action in barring poverty, and be aware of the plight of the impoverished.

Their vision is a better hereafter by furnishing services to help those in need.

They proudly service the following flocks Theyst Feliciana, East Feliciana, St. Helena, Tangipahoa, Washington, Livingston, Ascent.



While Quadrangle Area CAA provides services for all of the programs listed below, they also give information and referrals to help people change other available theories.

1- QuadVets

Stagers are handed transitional casing to become tone-sufficient and gain meaningful employment.

2- Youthbuild ( Periods 16-24)

Youth Build assists individual youth to acquire job training in construction while attaining their GED or high academy parchment. Upon completion, they’re helped with job placement in the construction fields.

3- Quadrangle Theyatherization

A program designed to facilitate thermal energy effectiveness and the theatre-proofing of guests’ homes by sequestration and energy effective windows, doors, etc. These services are handed in 19 flocks.

4- Quadrangle LiHEAP- Energy Backing

Quadrangle Area’s Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federally funded program that helps low-income homes with their home energy bills in the following Flocks Ascent, East Feliciana, Livingston, St. Helena, Tangipahoa, Washington, and They Feliciana.

5- Head Start

Provides children 3-5 times old in East Feliciana church the occasion to attend a Child Development Program. Education, Health, Nutrition, and Social Services are all provided through this program.

The children are handed original gests and success, which promote the child’s confidence, tone- respect, and positive image. Contact Their original office for program vacuity.

6- Foster Grandparents

Provides low-income persons 55 times and aged with meaningful part-time employment to help special children. Contact Their original office for program vacuity.

7- Community Housing Development

Provides affordable and standard casing in Livingston and Tangipahoa flocks; 42 and 48 units independently, under the Louisiana Finance Housing Authority guidelines. Contact Their original office for program vacuity.

8- EF&S

Provides backing to eligible families in the areas of rent, serviceability, and food in They Feliciana Parish. Limited services are available in other flocks. Contact Their original office for vacuity.

9- Medicaid

Agency will enroll eligible guests by taking operations for medical benefits. Contact Their Local Office for vacuity.

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Quadrangle Area History

The Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 established the foundation in 1976.

Their action changed their focus of furnishing services to their guests and, through education and job training, helping them become tone-sufficient.

It began with services to 4 flocks and increased to a seven church area.

It started as an advocacy for the poor and advanced services by offering 12 programs at 11 different spots.
Perpetration ROMA ( Results Acquainted Operation and Responsibility) in 1999 and Migratory casing as well as casing requirements for their guests.

The periodic budget has grown from 17 cents to now over$ and employment of original people has grown from 3 to 100 with 300 part-time Foster Grandparents and 500 levies.

The client base has grown from now over annually.


The Quad Metropolises is a dynamic family of communities on the Mississippi Swash where the swash bends to run directly east to that.

This-state (IA/ IL) multi-city region is the largest metropolitan area on the upper Mississippi River bettheyenSt. Louis and Minneapolis.

The region lies within a 300- afar compass of 37 million people with close access to significant requests like Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Des Moines, Omaha, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Indianapolis.

Detail Early History Of The Quad Metropolises

Centuries agone, the Sauk formed Saukenuk, where the Rock River empties into the Mississippi. It came to the most significant Native American agreement in North America.

The Meskwaki lineage settled near Saukenuk and created their townlets along the Mississippi. As part of a convention with the Sauk and Meskwaki, Arsenal Island was bought by the theU.S. Government in 1804.

In 1816, theU.S. Army erected Fort Armstrong on Arsenal Island, furnishing a military presence on the frontier and monitoring water passage on the upper Mississippi.

The Rock Island Rapids enthralled 14 country miles of the Mississippi Swash. Agreements grew at the head and bottom of the chute due to the need for a place to dock and store goods ahead and after the unfaithful passage.

In 1854, the road reached Rock Island, and in 1856, the first road ground across the Mississippi was erected. An attempt was made in 1907 to constrain the chute, and in the early 1930s, the Corps of Masterminds installed the first cinch and levee.

Rock Island and the Quad Metropolises

Driving into Rock Island from the Chicagoland area or getting a raspberry’s eye view flying into the Moline Airport, you will incontinently notice their beautiful lot is located along with the props of the potent Mississippi Swash.

But, that is just one part of all the sights and sounds the Quad Metropolises has to offer. Rock Island is part of the Quad Metropolises, a different community of people gauging the border between Illinois and Iowa on the Mississippi Swash.

Made up of their metropolises in Iowa and Illinois, the Quad Metropolises includes Rock Island and Moline in Illinois and Davenport and Bettendorf in Iowa. Some people also include East Moline.

No matter where their interests lie, there’s a commodity in these (or five, depending on who you ask) metropolises for everyone.

Stick to one, or blend and match. Either way, you’re sure to witness the stylish of Rock Island and the larger Quadrangle Metropolises area. They love their original coffee shops!

Unique Effects To Do

They call themselves the Quad Metropolises, but really, five communities make up the area hugging the Mississippi Swash on the Iowa-Illinois border LeClaire, Bettendorf, and Davenport on Iowa.

There are Moline and Rock Island further than people call the area home on the Illinois side.

The Quad Metropolises region is home to outstanding lodestones, food, and fun. You’ll want to plan a long weekend to take in the views and enjoy the culinary scene.