Salvation Army Tulsa

Tulsa Salvation Army assistance programs

The Salvation Army’s services in Tulsa, Oklahoma, can help people fulfill their basic needs in the near term while also assisting them in finding work or learning new skills.


Housing, rent, food, and utility expenses may be eligible for emergency help. However, social workers at the Tulsa County Salvation Army will assist clients in helping them achieve self-sufficiency, such as finding new employment, obtaining school or educational supplies, or participating in seasonal programs such as Angel Tree’s free Christmas presents.

Housing and financial aid programs from Salvation Army

Transitional housing is available to presently homeless families and individuals committed to working toward long-term self-sufficiency.

Clients must agree to attend Salvation Army-led and-created education and skills training seminars and workshops and fully engage in them.

Residents of Tulsa who enroll will receive a complete evaluation of their unique requirements and case plans to assist them in being successful and meeting their objectives.

Educational classes are well-known as an essential aspect of the Salvation Army’s programs and resources, and they ensure that people receive aid with job training and career prospects.

The Salvation Army provides emergency financial aid to Tulsa County families who have difficulty paying their bills and meeting their necessities.

All assistance is by appointment only, and customers must phone ahead to make an appointment. Individuals must be able to demonstrate their financial difficulties, present a copy of their bills and lease, confirm recent rent and other payments, and be prepared.

This emergency program is usually on a shoestring budget. Prescription drugs, rent, travel fees, and utility bills may all be eligible for assistance.

Through employment skills training and education, the Tulsa Salvation Army supportive housing program will assist persons who are currently homeless in achieving self-sufficiency.

The entire family, including a mother and her children, men, women, teens, and others, can benefit from these resources.

A trained case manager will meet with you and perform an application and assessment of your requirements. The supported housing program will last a maximum of two years. During this time, customers are given bare essentials.

With the help of their case manager, a client will create a personalized strategy. Every program is designed in collaboration with the family.

Every person’s case management plan includes various financial support programs, advocacy, and coordination of available resources.

Tulsa County, Oklahoma, may have shelter and short-term accommodation available. Clients who enroll in this Salvation Army program will not be obliged to remain in the Supportive Housing Tower.

People who have merely had a momentary setback or financial hardship may be put in communal housing or low-income housing units or flats.

The Tulsa Salvation Army runs an emergency shelter and food services. Hundreds of individuals can find shelter and lodging at the facilities every night, with the most significant demand in the winter and during the scorching Oklahoma summers. Other homeless shelters in Tulsa County can be found here.

The Tulsa, Oklahoma shelter will provide free daily meals and emergency food packs in addition to providing a place to stay.

The Emergency Shelter Dining Room prepares these products, and up to 900 meals are provided each day. Anyone in need of food is welcome to visit, not just the homeless. As a result, low-income families can also benefit from the program.

Furthermore, if you do not have a source of income, all food and meals are provided free of charge.

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Self-sufficiency initiatives and services offered by the Salvation Army in Tulsa County

Case management, counseling, and social assistance are all available. The majority of the programs are two years long and will benefit individual and family ties in Tulsa County.

The services supplied will, in particular, teach effective life skill management and develop self-sufficiency.

Additionally, resources are geared at assisting people in finding work through expanding educational and job training possibilities and general employment prospects.

Last but not least, broaden your understanding of community help options, including state and federal government programs.

Life skills courses and programs are available, tailored to each family’s issues. The seminars take place once a week at Salvation Army sites and offer various services.

Activities such as credit counseling and learning about educational options, for example, might be included in the meetings.

Case management-style support encourages all of these things and more. Additionally, an on-site three-star childcare facility is accessible for qualifying Tulsa area families who want high-quality yet cheap child care while the client is at work.

Child care may be supplied if the individual is through employment training.

The Salvation Army offers the Project ABLE Program to unmarried, homeless people. They must also be willing to work toward self-sufficiency, which they may achieve through the job, education, and skill development.

It also provides group therapy, employment and career counseling, and evaluation services. Basic requirements such as food, shelter, emergency costs, and bills may be eligible for help.

Free Seasonal Family Services

Tulsa County Salvation Army Family Services offers seasonal programs to assist low-income families throughout the summer, fall, and winter months. The majority of them rely on community donations. Examples of the resources include:

  • Easter food and feeding baskets.
  • Thanksgiving turkey dinners, meals, and gift packages are all popular choices. They can also be for the homeless or those on a low income.
  • Students may acquire free back-to-school materials, clothing, and hygiene necessities, whether they know English or not.
  • Toys for Tots, Angel Tree, and Adopt a Family are some of the Christmas programs available in Tulsa.
  • There may be free food, dinners, presents, and even Christmas trees or ornaments available.
  • All are free and rely on contributions and volunteers. Items are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis by the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers have provided spiritual, social, and emotional support to men and women who have lost their capacity to cope with their difficulties and provide for themselves for over a century.

Residential accommodation, jobs, and group and individual treatment are provided in a clean, healthy atmosphere at centers.

Participants in the program get physical and spiritual therapy to help them reintegrate into society and find work. Many people who have been rehabilitated are reunited with their families and can restart their lives.