Snyder County Assistance Office

This is a County Department of Public Welfare office in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania residents can seek help and various services for themselves and their families from highly trained staff members at county assistance offices.
They offer older persons in Union and Snyder counties advocacy, information, and help.

They help patients get the care they need to stay at home, or they help them choose a nursing home or assisted living facility and other relevant services.

Services include


Office of Income Maintenance:  The Office of Income Maintenance serves low-income Pennsylvanians through cash welfare programs such as Temporary Help to Needy Families, or TANF; training and employment programs; the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as the food; home heating assistance; and benefit programs for refugees and the homeless.

Many of these programs are provided by more than 90 county aid offices.

In addition, the Department of Public Welfare collaborates closely with other state organizations that serve comparable demographics.

Through the Office of Long-Term Living, the agency collaborates with the Pennsylvania Department of Aging. This office handles the issues and problems associated with housing and caring for elderly individuals.

In addition, the Office of Child Development and Early Learning, in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Department of Education, assists children and families in early learning subsidizes child care and early intervention programs for at-risk children.

The Office of Medical Assistance Programs is in charge of procuring health care for more than 2.3 million Pennsylvania citizens and registering Medical Assistance providers that provide treatment.

The Office of Medical Assistance Programs collaborates closely with these providers to process claims, set rates, and fees, and contract with and monitor managed care groups.

Furthermore, the department strives to safeguard the integrity of these programs, including detecting and discouraging provider and beneficiary fraud and abuse.

The Office of Income Maintenance (OIM) is responsible for the management of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) student aid program, Medicaid/Medical Assistance (MA), the new name for the Medicaid Program, child support, home heating assistance (LIHEAP program), and active labour market services.

These services are offered through county aid offices located throughout Pennsylvania.

Tips For Prompt And Professional Assistance

  1. Make an appointment – Always make an effort to schedule an appointment. This will often save you time waiting in queues. When you’re on the phone, make sure you ask for the documents you’ll need to get help.
  2. Do not be late for their appointment – This suggestion should go without saying.
  3. Dress correctly – Dress as appropriately as possible if you want to be treated with respect. They are not claiming to be dressed in a suit. Just make sure that your and their clothing is clean and non-offensive.
  4. They discovered that individuals who dress in this manner have a higher likelihood of obtaining assistance.
  5. Bring all pre-determined papers – Bring all of the documents you were told to bring on the phone during your appointment. You will not obtain assistance until they are there.

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Snyder County Assistance Office PA


Snyder County Assistance Office is a TANF office in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. On this page, they give the TANF phone number, office hours, and address for this Selinsgrove they fare office.

If you want to apply for TANF assistance in Pennsylvania, you should call this TANF office to find out what you need to supply to get the application business up and running.

When you speak with the Snyder County Assistance Office personnel, make sure you confirm what information you need to provide with your TANF application.

Ensure you include all of the necessary papers; otherwise, the review process may be delayed.

In most circumstances, an interview will be necessary to check their facts, such as income, household status, residency, assets, and inheritances, among other things.

If you cannot apply in person or attend the interview in person, they may be willing to enable you to mail or fax your TANF application and conduct an interview over the phone.

Applying for Pennsylvania TANF

You will need to get an application form and submit it to the PA welfare office. TNF can be applied online in several states. Contact this location to learn more about their offers. They may also offer an online pre-screening tool to determine the Pennsylvania TANF program eligibility.

However, the only definite method to determine if you qualify for TANF is to apply. More information on using in this state may be found on the how to apply for PA TANF funds website.

You may learn not just how much financial aid you are eligible for but also about any TANF job description and the time limit (how long you can receive benefits). It should also allow a user to download a copy of the document to apply.

Assistance services

Snyder County Assistance Office is the county office to apply for an EBT card. There are applications available for Social Services such as Food Stamps, SNAP, and cash TANF assistance.

TANF Program in Pennsylvania:

The TANF program assists families that are jobless and searching for work or who fall below the 185 percent poverty line. TANF offers financial assistance, Medicaid, job training, and job search support.

Food Stamps:

The EBT Card Food Stamp service assists low-income families that meet the income limits with the cost of food. Apply for food assistance at the Snyder County Assistance Office, paid for using their Colorado EBT Quest Card.

EBT is the US government’s electronic-based system for distributing funds to persons who have been authorized for food and cash benefits.

Check EBT Card Balance

Each state has its mechanism for logging in and checking one’s ETB balance online. That information is available on their state websites.

Apply for EBT Card

Most states accept online applications for EBT Cards via the Food Stamps (SNAP Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) or cash assistance via Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

They gave this local office contact information for anyone who would like to apply for EBT in person at this location. You will most likely be required to come in for an interview at this or another local social welfare office after applying for their assistance.