Suzuki Outboard Financing: Everything you need to know

Looking for Suzuki Outboard Financing? SUZUKI has constantly evolved and expanded since its founding in 1920. SUZUKI’s name may now be found on a wide range of motorcycles, ATVs, and outboard motors. People all across the globe recognize the Suzuki brand as a manufacturer of high-quality products that are both reliable and unique.

SUZUKI stands behind this worldwide icon, confident in its ability to uphold its reputation long into the future.

What Makes Suzuki So Unique?

Suzuki Outboards offer the Ultimate Marine Experience. With our technology and dependability, Suzuki outboards are the preferred option for customers worldwide.

Everyone trusts Suzuki outboards in a range of conditions, and they’re continuously improving and raising the standard.



Suzuki Ecstar, the most excellent outboard motor oil, has arrived in South Africa. You may now purchase all of your boating equipment online.

Also, find out why 7 BoatPros think you should start boating. Also, learn how to pick an outboard motor for your boat and how to flush an outboard engine quickly. With the new Suzuki MicroPlastic Collection Device, you can check how the world is doing while fishing.

Discover innovative tiny cathedral-hull boats for fishing and pleasure on rivers, lakes, estuaries, bays, and oceans that come fully equipped (add your choice of outboards). Check out the Bandit 380, Bandit 410, and Bandit 490, all of which are reasonably priced.

Also, look at the CarryCat 670, the more capacious CarryCat 740, and the larger-built and highly efficient CarryCat 760.

Learn about Suzuki’s remarkable fuel-saving technology that will keep you on the water for longer (and for a little less money): Suzuki Multi-Stage Induction, Suzuki Lean Burn, and Suzuki Variable Valve Timing.

Outboard motors that are more intelligent and boat hulls that have less drag: With our comprehensive assortment of technology that improves your boat’s fuel efficiency, you can spend more time on the water.
Exciting news:

By the end of 2018, we’ll be offering a new, more affordable, and powerful Suzuki DF150A line. Take a look at all three of Suzuki’s latest outboard motors. Check out the remote-steer Suzuki DF15ATL for a very unusual smaller boat engine.

Check out the new Suzukis installed on the boat for the inaugural shark cage diving trips in Port Elizabeth. Check out the DF326s we installed on the hardworking science research vessel uKwabelana, as well as the new DF80s we installed during Zee Koets’ recent repower.

Plus, under our section on boat repower, you can see all of our recent boat and outboard repowers and receive all of the information you need.

Plus, check out our secondhand boats and outboards for sale that are guaranteed to be of high quality. Also, under our whole collective page on our boats, you can view all of our custom-built new boats as well as all of our favorite new launches.

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Suzuki is known for its durability and dependability. Boating enthusiasts have depended on Suzuki excellence for years to get them home.

Suzuki outboards offer safeguards that avoid failure, warn you before a problem occurs, and are simple to maintain when necessary.

Water Detection System with Dual Louvers

  • Timing Chain with Self-Adjustment
  • Tilt Limit for Dual Water Inlets
  • Submarine Inlet
  • System for Starting Without a Key
  • Anti-Corrosion

Performance of the Suzuki Sdsm


Expect the Ultimate Ride with Suzuki’s Ultimate Outboard Motor! Our outboards provide tremendous torque and smooth and lively acceleration over the entire operating range.

  • 2.50 Gear Ratio Offset Driveshaft
  • Rotation with a lot of energy
  • a pair of props
  • Induction with Multiple Stages
  • Valve Timing Variable
  • Direct Ingestion


Suzuki outboard motors are designed to provide a pleasant boating experience every time. All you’ll remember about your day on the lake now is that there’s less vibration and noise.

They’re small and light, simple to operate, with smooth and decisive shifting. They’re also simple to adore!

  • Precision Rotation Control with Selective Rotation
  • Operation in Silence
  • Storage in three directions
  • Tank in the Sky
  • Troll Mode is a game where you may play as
  • Easy Start System with Gas Assist

Use Less Energy and Produce Less Waste

Suzuki’s Ultimate Outboard Motor has low emissions and fuel economy, resulting in lower maintenance costs and a lower environmental effect. Suzuki’s Clean Ocean Project Initiative adds to this support.

  • Battery-Less Fuel Injection for Lean Burn
  • Injector with two needles
  • Project for a Clean Ocean

You’ll receive durability, performance, comfort, and efficiency with Suzuki’s Ultimate Outboard Motor, bringing you home with a grin on your face day after day.

Guide to Purchasing

Suzuki’s new DF115BG and DF140BG four-stroke outboards are set to shake up the mid-sized competitive outboard market, with capabilities previously unavailable in this power range.

Suzuki upgraded its earlier DF115 and DF140 outboards to the DF115A and DF140A models last season, which share a more significant 2.0-liter powerhead.

These new “BG” series four-strokes, according to my recent interactions with the Suzuki PR staff, continue the evolutionary route to more, better, and more incredible things while maintaining inside the same lightweight footprint.

These newcomers are the first in their class to provide all of the benefits of drive-by-wire. Suzuki is simplifying rigging for a wide range of boat builders by adding its acclaimed drive-by-wire technology to its 115HP and 140HP in-line four-cylinder models, as well as silky smooth shifting rapid throttle response, more excellent performance, and superior fuel efficiency.

By enhancing thermal efficiency, these new 2.0-liter displacement outboards have a 10.6:1 compression ratio, which helps them reach improved peak speed and acceleration.

Fuel is provided by a throttle body digital EFI system, which improves fuel economy over Suzuki’s previous DF115/DF140A models.

These new engines have shown to be five to seven percent more fuel-efficient at cruising speeds in factory tests. A 40-amp alternator is standard on both models.

It improves output and battery charging performance at low idle speeds, making it perfect for today’s power-hungry fishing boats that spend a lot of time trolling.

The engines are available in 20-inch (L), and 25-inch (X) shaft lengths and have a stylish, streamlined external appearance. Suzuki’s Pearl Nebular Black and Cool White color schemes are available on both new outboards.

A new air intake structure with greater water separation and a silencer/resonator system is also included in the modified cowl to reduce engine noise and give a comfortable boating experience at all engine speeds/RPMs.

Suzuki made it feasible to replace the oil filter by just removing the upper engine cover, making routine maintenance easier.

Thanks to a new Oil Spill Catcher that surrounds the mount, the oil filter may now be changed without making a mess.

Suzuki also included a Water Detection Gasoline Filter with simple access to safeguard the engine from tainted fuel.