Well Fargo Motorcycle loans

Wells Fargo Motorcycle Loan – A Quick Guide to Success

Everything you need to know about WellsFargo motorcycle loans

What is a wells Fargo motorcycle loan?


Wells Fargo provides a variety of specialty vehicle loans, including motorbike loans. Unfortunately, you cannot apply online; instead, you must phone Wells Fargo during the following hours:

  • 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Monday through Friday Central
  • 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday Central

When you acquire a motorbike loan from Wells Fargo, you won’t have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses or origination fees. The funding process is highly rapid after you’ve been accepted. You may expect to get your loan cash in one to two days.

If you’re a current Wells Fargo client, you can also take advantage of further savings. For example, if you have a bank account and sign up for automatic payments, you may be eligible for a lower interest rate.

Furthermore, customers who take out a loan with Wells Fargo won’t be charged any penalties if they pay it off early.

Why a Wells Fargo Motorcycle Loan?


Payback a personal loan over 12 to 84 months. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR)5 ranges from 5.74 percent to 19.99 percent, with a 0.25 percent connection discount.

There is no prepayment penalty or origination cost. Here’s an example of payback terms for an unsecured personal loan: The monthly payment for a $13,000 loan over 36 months at 11.99 percent APR is $432. This is merely a rough estimate, and it presupposes that all payments are completed on schedule.

Based on data from June 1, 2021, to August 31, 2021, at least 10% of the applicants authorized for these terms qualified for the lowest rate offered.

The rates displayed are current as of August 9, 2021, and are subject to change without notice. Your APR will be determined by the amount of credit sought, the loan period, and your credit score. The lowest available rate is based on good credit history.

Before applying, we recommend carefully examining if consolidating your existing debt is the best option for you. Consolidating numerous loans will result in a single monthly payment, but it will not lessen or pay off your debt faster.

A lower interest rate, a more extended loan period, or a combination of both may result in a cheaper payment. You may wind up paying more in interest throughout the life of the loan if you prolong the term.

You will be better positioned to evaluate if debt consolidation is the correct option for you if you understand how it helps you.

You must have a qualified Wells Fargo consumer checking account and make automatic payments from a Wells Fargo deposit account to qualify for a customer relationship discount.

Would you please speak with a Wells Fargo banker or review our FAQs to see which accounts are eligible for the discount? The interest rate and the accompanying monthly payment may rise if automated payments are discontinued for any reason after account activation. Per application, only one relationship discount may be used.

Late fines or costs for returning payments may still apply.

Percentage per year The borrower’s credit history will determine the interest rate, the amount funded, and the loan length.

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The Good

1. Co-signer Options

Wells Fargo enables all auto loan applicants to have a co-applicant if requested. A co-signer may help you get a better loan rate in many circumstances, and it’s also a good alternative for people trying to develop or establish credit.

Wells Fargo allows consumers to fill out an application online, which is quite helpful for those who do not have the time to visit in person.

Borrowers who want to go through the procedure in person with a Wells Fargo agent can apply at a local Wells Fargo facility.

2. Specialty Vehicles

Wells Fargo provides motorcycles, power sports vehicles, leisure vehicles, boats, yachts, and planes. This is a rare occurrence in the market, and it’s ideal for buyers wishing to buy specialty automobiles.

There are no application costs for these loans, and consumers are typically funded within one to two business days after approval.

The Bad

3. APR

Many candidates will not be eligible for the interest rate samples on the Wells Fargo website. The rates are based on the premise that an applicant has good credit, is looking for a loan bigger than $22,000, and has a loan-to-value ratio of less than 115 percent, according to the fine print given with the APRs offered on the site.

According to the website, these prices will only apply to a tiny fraction of applicants; thus, the ordinary borrower would likely have a higher APR.

At 3.13 percent, Wells Fargo’s starting rates are higher than the industry average. Other vehicle lending businesses offer a 1.75 percent APR as a starting point.

4. Lack of Transparency

Wells Fargo’s website also lacks a lot of information that should be there. Due to a lack of information, potential clients may find it challenging to evaluate services and pick the firm that best meets their needs.

It also makes it challenging for our staff to compare and contrast their services with other businesses in the field. More information about application costs, loan amounts, mileage limitations, early-pay penalty fines, and bad credit lending possibilities would be helpful.

What are the requirements for a Wells Fargo loan?

Many of Wells Fargo’s borrower criteria aren’t made public. Borrowers with good to exceptional credit (690 FICO or better) would most likely qualify for the lowest rates.

You must submit the following information to apply:

  • Information about yourself and your contacts.
  • Information about employment and income; the proof may be requested to validate this information.
  • The length of time you want to borrow and the amount you want to borrow.

Where Wells Fargo falls short

Wells Fargo does not provide a soft credit check, which allows you to examine prospective loan amounts, prices, and conditions without damaging your credit score.

Although not all banks and most internet lenders provide mild credit checks, some do.

Non-customers must submit their application in person at one of the following locations: If you are not currently a Wells Fargo customer and would want to apply for a personal loan, you must visit a branch near you. Customers can fill out an application online or over the phone.

Wells Fargo has lately been hit with a slew of expensive regulatory fines, as well as a slew of consumer complaints.

After being found guilty of opening millions of bogus savings and checking accounts in the names of actual clients, the lender agreed to pay a $3 billion punishment in February 2020.

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency penalized the lender $250 million in September 2021 for failing to develop a mortgage loss mitigation program.

Though these incidents have no direct impact on its loan operations, consumers should be aware of them.